A sneak peek with a hint of "smoke" / by terrilodge

I recently did another shoot with fabulous photographer Brandon Witzel and one of my favorite models Ms. Megan Hodge. Brandon had just purchased a medium format film camera so he broke that out and shot half the shoot digitally and half in film. I have to say.... I LOVE THE FILM! The images seem richer to me... more complex. Maybe its my imagination but the composition even seems better. I'm so excited he used his new camera for this shoot.

Brandon even experimented with textures, using glass, lace, and various other objects on this shoot to give a new dimension to our shots. Great stuff!

Here are a couple of images... more are on the way! :)

I ventured out and tried some new product on this shoot, specifically the caviar eye liner from Laura Mercier. This eye liner is semi-crème eye liner with a velvet matte finish.

If you are looking for a product to give you that soft, subtle, smoky eye then this is the product for you. You simply lay the product down on the eye as you would an eye base and then set with a shadow and voila... a soft smoky eye. I did Megan's eye in the chestnut and set with a matte soft brown shadow and she looks amazing! It also brought out the blue in her eyes. This was a quick makeup change too. This product gives a quick smoky eye without all the fuss and mess. :)

If you want to learn more about the product, here's the link....Laura Mercier Caviar eye liner