A Glimpse into a Dream... / by terrilodge

This weekend I had the most amazing opportunity... to work on a brilliantly written short film with some of the most talented and loving people I've met in this industry. We trekked over to Newport, OR to shoot the entire film at the coast.

The majority of our crew all roomed together in a condo near the beach. It was like a giant slumber party and we got to enjoy our meals, a hot tub, and a lovely living room in community. It was pretty fun. :)

Here are some stills shot during the filming of this masterpiece. All photos are by Meredith Adelaide (first one in post), Rachel Sharkeye (she's an astounding photographer) or Susan Funk (she rocks the iphone!). Enjoy these... they are beautiful and fun and I treasure these mementoes of a heart touching and joyously challenging film.

I'm not going to say much more about the script/story... I'm saving the best for last! Needless to say... its brilliant and the actors demonstrated that they are truly the cream of the crop and perfectly suited for these roles. The crew was amazing and together we made a masterpiece! :)

Thank you so much to each and every person involved... Susan Funk, Aris Juson, Greg James, Meredith Adelaide, Jason Lennart Anderson, Jon Meyer, Rachel Sharkeye, Christine Alexander, and our out of this world director... TBA!

Day 1... busy working and our amazing talent. On the beach.

Day 2... On location and on a breathtaking beach.

Day 3.... Another beach and the tide pools.