2010 Oregon Lottery Thanksgiving Raffle Commercial / by terrilodge

I sat down for a relaxing evening to watch one of my favorite shows (House), which I had DVR'd, and was simply delighted to see commercial that aired prior to the show. It was the 2010 Oregon Lottery Thanksgiving Raffle Commercial I worked on about a month ago. I just had to smile. I wasn't expecting to see this video for at least another month so this was a fun surprise! The commercial turned out wonderfully!!! The team that the did was simply amazing! Check it out.... :)

Oregon Lottery 2010 Thanksgiving Raffle Commercial

The actress who played the grandma was 92 and was one of the sweetest little ladies I have ever met. I loved her. She gave me her crown when we were finished. I'm keeping for life! :)

The crew that was involved in the job were truly inspiring. They were extremely professional, very effcient, and just really easy to work and for. I'm incredibly grateful to been involved on this!

Enjoy this video!

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