Honda President's Day Sale Commercials / by terrilodge

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A few months ago, a makeup artist friend called up and asked if I had some time to assist her on a job. I was free and always love watching the great ones work so I readily agreed. Katherine Ross is a master of all things hair and makeup so it was a great experience to see her in action putting on wigs, laying hair, and gluing beards. :) I assisted on this job so I guarded set and spent most of the day regluing good old Abe's beard back on as it was raining and spirit gum isn't a big fan of cold or wet. There was also a bit of regluing on Benjamin's hair. It was a spirit gum battle to the bitter end. :)

At the end of the day, I felt pretty good about our results and within a few weeks, I spotted these on tv.

NW Honda 2013 Presidential Sale - Presidential Caucus

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