Black Eyes, Black Lips, Orange Tile & Fox Fur. / by terrilodge

Blush Premier Portland makeup photoshoot The first part of the shoot with Brandon Witzel was with Miss Megan in pointe shoes and a nice dress, we thought we’d dirty her up for 2nd half of the shoot. From this part of the shoots conception through its execution, the concept changed quite a bit. The final results were not what I had intended but there were some great shots!!!

Blush Premier Portland makeup photoshoot

This is another look from the same shoot with Brandon Witzel. Miss Megan who is now modeling all over China was a really good sport for this last location as it was a covert little public restroom. I walked in and was afraid to touch anything and here was Megan leaning back against the walls, sitting on the floor, etc. Modeling is a hard job!!! :)

Special thanks to Kira Pinski for her outstanding hair styling and for supplying the fox fur! It added a certain crazy element and it made me smile!

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